Terms and Conditions

You must provide your driving licence (which you must have held for a minimum of 2 years to satisfy our insurance requirements), please note we can only accept UK & EU licences, we will also require your national insurance number or your code from the DVLA / gov.uk website to enable us to see your online driving licence. Two forms of identification must be provided which show your current home address. These must be from establish institutions e.g. Bank Statement, Utility bill. Mobile phone bills and passports cannot be accepted. All payments must be by credit/debit card and paid in full before the commencement of hire.

Age Restrictions:

ALL Drivers Must be over the age of 25 years old, and under 75 Years old (over 75 on request), with a minimum 2 years driving experience, and a maximum of 6 points on their licence (please read below the restrictions on points codes)

Excess is £2500 for ALL

Motoring Convictions:

  • UT/ two or more disqualifications – not acceptable;
  • AC10/AC20/ALL BA/ALL DD/ALL DR/CD40/CD50/CD60/CD70/MS90 – five years from conviction date;
  • Any conviction resulting in a disqualification of 6 months or more – 5 years from conviction date;
  • CD10/IN10/LC20 – 3 years from conviction date;
  • Any conviction resulting in disqualification for 6 months or less – 3 years from conviction date.

If you are unsure about any of the above, please contact us.

Must be made in full before commencement of hire together with the full deposit. Cheques will only be accepted two full weeks in advance with a £5.00 charge for banking.

Any bookings made and not cancelled without 24 hours notice prior to the commencement of the hire will be charged at 50% of the booking cost, anything cancelled after this or indeed just not collected will be charged at 100% of the booking cost.

All major credit cards accepted.

Accounts not paid with their agreed 14 or 28 day terms are subject to a £39.95 admin fee per overdue invoice and interest at 8%.

There is an Insurance Excess on all vehicles which may be reduced by a small charge which is shown on the Hire Rate Card.

All fuel used in hire vehicles is the hirers responsibility together with the cost of punctures and damaged tyres.

All vehicles will be insured fully comprehensively for road use only, no contents insurance is available, you can arrange this with an online provider at extra cost.

Our Standard mileage allowance is 250 miles per day for the first two days, thereafter mileage will be based on 1850 miles over a 28 day period. This includes the first two days allowances. Excess mileage is charged at £0.35 per mile.

Vehicles can be hired for overseas and Ireland use, subject to prior approval, but hire charges will be subject to an additional charges. All vehicles being taken abroad need a letter of authorisation and further breakdown certificates. In the unlikely event of a breakdown please call the number provided, onward journey cost’s are awarded to the value of the cover provided via the third party recovery company, please make sure you have been advised by the third party breakdown company before making your way home, as there may be a limit on the amount you can claim.

Damage due to neglect and all damage to vehicles above screen height is the hirer’s responsibility and is not covered by the insurance waiver. All damage invoices without exception are subject to a 10% surcharge.

In the unlikely event of a breakdown the hirer is asked to contact the telephone number printed on the hire agreement for assistance. The hirer will be reimbursed on completion of hire up to the sum of £15 for repairs if a receipt is obtained. If larger repairs become necessary the permission of Nationwide vehicle rental Ltd. Is needed before repairs can be carried out.

It is the driver’s responsibility to comply with current tachograph legislation.

An ‘O’ License certificate is required for all vehicles over 35cwt. e.g. 7.5 tonne trucks. This is only a requirement for business use, not private rental.

The hirer is responsible for the safe and secure loading of the vehicle and for ensuring that the maximum plated weight is not exceeded.

Hirers must inform the hiring depot if they wish to retain a vehicle beyond the agreed time or date of return. Failure to do so may result in the hirer driving without insurance.

Nationwide vehicle rental will make every effort to supply the vehicle ordered, or an acceptable substitute on time but cannot accept liability at any time for the consequences of our failure so to do.

This agreement is governed by the laws of England and Wales and you agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

1. in these terms and conditions: “We” are the company named as the Lessor overleaf, and “You” are either:
The company named in the “Hirer’s name /contract” box.
The person named in the “Hirer’s name /contract” box.
A “Vehicle” means the vehicle detailed.

2. If you have indicated in the “Insurance Details” box overleaf that you want us to provide insurance cover for the Vehicle and/or Additional Insurance then the following terms will apply:

(a) This agreement is subject to, and includes, all the terms of our current insurance policy, a copy of which can be inspected at our office.

(b) The Vehicle may only be driven by the following people:
You personally (If your name is given in the “Hirer’s name /contract” box overleaf),
The person who signed the agreement on your behalf if you are a company whose name is given in the “Hirer’s name /contract” box overleaf, or
Any additional driver authorized by us IF that person has completed an insurance proposal form and we have accepted it.

(c) Our Insurance will not give you complete cover. The amount for which you are not covered is called the Excess. The “Excess” value is dependable on the vehicle type, driving age and any special arrangement made by us.

(d) You may also have the ability to take out additional insurance as to reduce the insurance “Excess” by paying an additional charge.

(e) If you or anyone on your behalf deliberately causes damage to or loss of the vehicle then you will have to pay for the cost of repair, replacement vehicle and any loss of revenue of the vehicle, even though it was insured at the time.

(f) Any damage above the windscreen is not covered on our insurance, and all cost will be chargeable to the hirer.

3. If you have indicated in the “Hirer’s Insurance” box overleaf that you want to provide your own insurance for the Vehicle then the following terms will apply:-

(a) It is your responsibility to insure the Vehicle from the moment you take it until the time it is returned to us. You must insure it to its full value, against loss or damage (Including windscreen damage) by accident, fire or theft, under a comprehensive insurance policy with a reputable insurance company, you must supply us with full details whenever we ask for them, and you must tell the insurance company to note our interest on the policy.

(b) You hereby authorise your insurer to communicate directly with us and give us any information we require. You also authorise us to take over any claim which you may have which relates to the Vehicle, and to negotiate and settle that directly with your insurer.

(c) You must not use or permit the Vehicle to be used in breach of the insurance policy. If any money is paid out under the policy which relates to the Vehicle then you must ensure that the money is paid direct to us.

(d) If you do not insure the Vehicle comprehensively, and we suffer loss as a result, you must compensate us for that loss.

(e) If for any reason the amount which we receive from the insurance company is less than the loss that we suffer you must pay us the difference.

4. Any person signing this agreement on behalf of a company must be authorised to do so, and if not so authorised, will be personally liable to pay all sums due under this agreement to the extent that the company fails to pay them.

5. The maximum period for which you are allowed to keep the Vehicle under this agreement is from the dates in the “Charge From” box to the “Charge To” box.


(a) We are entitled to terminate this agreement if you break any of its terms, and you must then return the Vehicle Immediately.

(b) We are entitled to provide you with a comparable vehicle, earlier than the due back date, and collect from you the current vehicle, even if you have not broken any of the terms and conditions of this agreement, and the comparable vehicle shall then be, for the purposes of this agreement, the ‘vehicle’

(c) In any event the maximum period for which you can hire the Vehicle is 90 days.

6. (a) If you keep the Vehicle beyond the “Charge To” box  (or after we have required  its return as above) then, In addition to any claim for compensation which we may  bring, you Will have to pay charges In accordance with our current tariff which can  be Inspected at our office.

(b) Extensions; must be notified before the end of the rental and the extended period paid for in advance.

7. We are not liable to you for any loss of or damage to any property which is carried in the Vehicle, and we do not accept responsibility for any property which you leave in the Vehicle when you return it, unless we have been negligent. If any third party brings a claim against us for property which is carried or left In the Vehicle, you must indemnify us for that claim.

8. The Vehicle must not:

(a) Be taken outside England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and any of the British Isles, without our prior written permission.

(b) Be used otherwise than on a public highway or a suitably paved area which is designed to carry motor vehicles.

(c) Be used to propel or tow any other vehicle or trailer, unless it is equipped for the purpose and we have given our permission.

(d) Be used to carry passengers for hire or reward or for any driving tuition, unless you obtain our prior written permission and you must provide your own Insurance under clause 3 of this agreement.

(e) Be used for any unlawful purpose, or for neither racing, pace making, competitions or speed testing, nor must it be used in any unlawful manner.

(f) Be used in such a manner that it is overloaded (whether in total or in respect of any axle or other part) or is carrying more passengers or goods than It was designed to carry or may lawfully carry.

(g) Be used in such a way as to make the Insurance on the Vehicle invalid.

(h) Be used in breach of any relevant legislation, regulation or bye law I force at the time.

(i) Be used by any person who is not licensed, insured and authorised by us to use it.

(j) Be used by any person who is under the Influence of alcohol, drugs or any other form on intoxication.

(k) Be used In the event of any mechanical, electrical or structural failure or damage. Incase further damage might be caused as a result.

(I) Be altered or added to in any way whatsoever.

9. (a) You are not allowed to carry out any repairs to the Vehicle (or let anyone else do so) if the cost of those repairs is more than £25, unless you obtain our permission first. If we do authorize repairs then we will refund the cost to you if you produce a VAT receipt and whatever parts have been replaced.

(b) If under £25 pounds then a vat receipt and proof of failure must be provided.

10. If you break any of the terms of this agreement we are entitled to treat the agreement as terminated and have the right to repossess the Vehicle and sieze any goods in the vehicle until owed debt has been paid in full. You hereby authorise us to enter on your property to do so if necessary.

(a) Vehicles may have a tracking devise installed. This is for vehicle protection, impact information, loss, servicing control and for customer reassurance.

(b) Vehicle Recovery Costs will be charged only when a vehicle is removed from you due to poor payment, failure to return a vehicle upon request, and when all possible attempts to contact you have failed.

(c) A minimum fee of £50 will be charged for each attempt of recovering the vehicle, along with any additional costs incurred due to the time of collection i.e. time, administration, etc.

(d) We may at any time pass information about you or the vehicle to the finance company that provide finance to us in relation to the vehicle (or any member of that finance company’s worldwide group of companies) so that they or their agent(s) can enforce any rights to the vehicle. Personal data may be transferred to the above recipients to countries outside the EEA (including the USA and India).

11. You are liable for certain charges as If you were the owner of the Vehicle. Those charges are:

(a) Any fixed penalty offence committed in respect of the Vehicle hired under any of the current laws or applicable regulations at the time of the offence.

(b) Any financial penalty or charge which may be demanded by a third party as a result of the vehicle having been parked or left upon land which is not a public road.

(c) Any charges, costs and expenses as a result of you using the vehicle, arising from or incidental to any person, firm, company or regulatory body, impounding or taking possession of the vehicle.

(d) Any loss of use of the vehicle while it is being repaired until it is available to rent or until full and final settlement for the vehicle loss is received.

12. You must:

(a) Pay the hiring charges published in our current tariff (which can be inspected at our office) unless different charges have been agreed between us in writing.

(b) Pay for all fuels and any refueling charges.

(c) Pay for any accessories, tyres, tools, or equipment which is lost, stolen or damaged.

(d) Pay our costs of recovering the vehicle in the event that you fail to return it to us as required by (j) below.

(e) Pay any penalties, fines and court costs incurred in the use of the Vehicle before it is returned to us. With all driving offences an administration charge of £39.95 inc. VAT  is applicable on all driving offences, plus the cost of the fine. (e.g. parking tickets, congestion charges etc).

(f) Pay for excess mileage above those in the term and conditions. Our mileage allowance is 250 miles free for the first two days, thereafter mileage will be based on 1850 miles over a 28 day period, this includes the first two days allowance.

(g) Safeguard our Interests in the event of any accident involving the vehicle. By obtaining the names and addresses of all relevant drivers and witnesses, details including registration numbers of any other vehicles involved securing the Vehicle and, where appropriate, notifying the police.

(h) Ensure that the correct tyre pressures, engine oil level, battery fluid level, screen wash level, coolant level and automatic transmission oil level (where fitted) are maintained throughout the period of hire.

(i) Ensure that the Vehicle is always locked when unattended, and take all reasonable steps to prevent loss of or damage to the vehicle, or its tyres, tools, accessories, equipment or contents.

(j) Inform us immediately if the Vehicle is damaged, lost or stolen, or develops any faults. Also you must inform us when the vehicle needs its next service (“next service” sticker is on the windscreen), and allow us to carry out any essential repairs or servicing. If the vehicle goes over its servicing schedule by more than 1000 miles a charge of £500 will be applicable.

(k) Return the Vehicle (together With all its accessories, tyres, tools and equipment) to our representative at the place where it was hired (unless a different place is specified in agreement overleaf) during our business hours, or before the Date shown in the “Charge to” box or earlier if we are entitled to it. The Vehicle must when you return it, be in the same condition as when you hired It (fair wear and tear excepted), and must be clean and tidy (normal traffic grime excepted).

(l) No smoking is allowed in any of our vehicles. Any evidence will incur a minimum of a £25 charge. It is an offence to smoke in any of our vehicles.

13. Payment Authorisation

(a)  You authorise us to be able to take monies from any of your given credit or debit cards, without you being in person. This is for any costs owed for in relation to vehicle hired.

14. Loss of the vehicle keys, overhead damage, stolen vehicle or under 25.

(a) If the vehicle is stolen due to the keys being left in or on the vehicle then you will not be covered by our insurance.

(b) If the vehicle is stolen due to the loss of the keys whilst on hire, then the insurance will not cover any loss or damage incurred.

(c) If the vehicle is stolen and the keys cannot be provided, then the loss is the responsibility of the hirer and is not covered by the insurance.

(d) If a vehicle is stolen the excess is increased to £2500.00 and the daily rental rate will be charged until the excess is paid in full.

(e) Overhead Damage. Any damage above the windscreen height is the responsibility of the hirer and has an excess to the value of the vehicle replacement. Above head height damage, is any damage above the drivers head whilst seated in the vehicle. This means any damage to the roof of the vehicle hired, roof rack, sunroofs etc. We do not cover any damage that is deemed overhead height.

Please note all accounts beyond our credit terms will be passed to our chosen debt recovery agency. All accounts, without exception, will be subject to a surcharge of 15% plus vat to cover our costs in recovery. These accounts will also be subject to any legal costs incurred in obtaining settlement.